Non clinical career change needs helpful tools

non clinical career change toolsAs a busy physician who is secretly contemplating a non clinical career change, you may not have the time to figure out all the steps needed to pull your physician career change off.

Fortunately, many tools and apps exist to make your job a whole lot easier. These three more recent tools are the ones I’ve found most compelling:Continue Reading »

The physician career change 8-step kickoff

8 steps to start physician career changeFor physician career change, especially if you are contemplating a non-clinical path, you may feel overwhelmed about where to start. I came across a helpful article, “Looking To Do Something Different? An Eight-Step Process To Discover Alternative Careers” by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, that offers useful ideas.

Here is my take on the article, using the author’s titles.Continue Reading »

For physician career change, what is my one good book?

physician career change bookI am often asked for a recommended reading list for those of you yearning for physician career change. There are several on my list, including a few written expressly for physicians (and here), but if I had to pick one for those of you feeling particularly clueless about where to start, one of my favorites is “I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not This” by Julie Jansen.Continue Reading »

Physician career change salary resources

What can I expect to earn if I change my physician career?

One of the concerns physicians contemplating career change share most often with me is what salary they can anticipate earning if they move into a non-clinical career.

Since we don’t rush around telling each other what we earn, this information may be difficult to come by. That is, at least, until the Internet stepped in to make these numbers somewhat more available.

A recent MakeUseOf article (super helpful site, by the way!) has helped shed some light on what to expect in 2016.Continue Reading »

2016 resume secrets to advance your physician career change

Successful physician career change resume updates

Creating a resume for your updated physician career change search in 2016 can be an exercise in frustration, as the target for a contemporary “best resume” appears to be continually moving. One year it’s all about having a summary at the top, the next it’s about deleting that paragraph altogether.  One year, it’s about leaving out your social media “handles”, the next it’s all about picking the right ones!

I came across this article recently, 22 Things You Can Leave Off Your Resume, that highlights an updated approach to resume writing in 2016,Continue Reading »