For physician resumes, your word choice really matters

Powerful word for winning a resumePhysician resumes (note: I didn’t call it them CVs!!) are going to be one of your most important physician career change tools.

And there’s a striking philosophy as to how a resume should be written.

A phrase about resume writing in a recent Fast Company article titled “How to speak the language of hiring” forcefully grabbed my attention : “Write for the computer, then the recruiter, then the hiring manager”.

This needs some explanation.

It’s important to understand what happens in the on-line world (which is a very common way to apply for jobs these days). Today, most resumes go through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). When you answer an online ad or submit your resume online, they go through the ATS which all work basically the same way. They use a ‘parser’ to read the information in your resume.

The parser will read first the information it has been given by the hiring company. In most cases, this information consists of keywords pulled from the job description used. Unfortunately you don’t know the keywords or the parameters entered into the system. What this means is your resume submission must match the exact terminology in the ad or description, or you run the risk that the parser will dump your resume and not forward it.

Yes, you read me correctly. Just because you submitted your resume and received notification that it was accepted, doesn’t mean it will get to the hiring manager or HR department.

It’s critical that you customize your resume to each job description. Your resume is scored by the ATS for “relevancy”. Relevancy is based on the correlating matches between your resume and the job description’s keywords.

What this all means is that the physician resumes that are going to stand out will:

  • match the keywords and phrases in the job description
  • highlight your accomplishments and the skills used to achieve the accomplishments
  • focus carefully on telling the story of how you will best add value to the organization.

In your quest for a new position, be sure to do your research homework first – do everything you can to perfect these all-important and essential physician career change tools!


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