Is a physician career change in the offing for 2015?

01-07-2015_2015Are you starting to think about your next physician career move? Hunting for a new job?

FYI – the job search is looking a little different in 2015!

Take this excerpt from an article in Fast Company titled “How You’ll Find a New Job in 2015”

No longer are job boards the primary vehicle used by job seekers. More and more job seekers and employers are taking their search to social networking sites. In a recent survey conducted by Jobvite, 79% of recruiters reported they’d found candidates through LinkedIn. Twenty-six percent reported finding candidates through Facebook, and 14% through Twitter. This means in order to get noticed, job seekers will need to pay more attention to their online activity; creating and optimizing profiles and keeping profiles up-to-date.

What I take this to mean is that, if this New Year’s resolutions include considering a physician career change, your on-line presence needs plenty of TLC!

No matter how technophobic you feel, if you want to be noticed by a recruiter seeking good candidates for positions, you ought to have, at minimum, an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. And there’s no excuse for not having one any longer – not with a surplus of middle-and high schoolers in most neighborhoods who can handily take your written resume and adapt it for LinkedIn.

Having a Facebook Page (versus your private profile – here is the difference) seems to help as well as over one quarter of candidates were found there. Even I was astonished by that one! And here is a useful article about Facebook for Business (a FB “Page” used to be called a FB “fan page” at the time of the webinar in this article) which can easily be adapted for your career change strategy. And if you are a Facebooker who overshares with friends, be sure to clean up your act before going on your job search!

What the article also points out is that good old-fashioned face-to-face networking is still a viable physician career change strategy for getting noticed, being remembered, and being considered for positions, many of which are not even advertised.


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