Non clinical career change needs helpful tools

non clinical career change toolsAs a busy physician who is secretly contemplating a non clinical career change, you may not have the time to figure out all the steps needed to pull your physician career change off.

Fortunately, many tools and apps exist to make your job a whole lot easier. These three more recent tools are the ones I’ve found most compelling:

1. Enhancv:

According to this article in Inc. magazine, the online app “Enhancv is a smart tool for anyone who is looking for a job” that can help you build a compelling and attractive resume in fifteen minutes. Once you satisfied with what you’ve created, you can then email your resume directly or post it to Facebook. Sounds almost too good to be true!

This article outlines an additional five online resume builders that you might want to test out.

2. LinkedIn Job Search:

mastering LinkedIn is a requisite skill for making a non-clinical career change. I’ve hammered on that for years! Now, updated phone and tablet apps speed up and facilitate all the tasks needed to foster networking and relationship building, as well as targeting your search efforts to the companies you’d really liked to work in.

Hint: if you’ve done a really bang up job of filling out your LinkedIn profile, your profile is essentially your resume for those people who are on the lookout for talented new hires!

3. Job Aggregators:

Each of the following hugely popular companies has an app to help you in your job search. Admittedly, these are geared much more to the general public. However, just typing the words “medical director” and “Los Angeles California” into the Indeed app brought up five pages of results.


Watch this space as I continue to track and highlight the tools to aid your non
clinical career change, as they become available, and while you’re at it, read this useful article from LinkedIn on emerging job trends for 2017. Best of luck!

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