Physician career change’s most effective strategy

networkingWhat if I told you that there is one, and only one, absolutely vital item to have when it comes to successful physician career change?

It’s not having an excellent resume.

It’s not having the most appealing cover letter.

It’s not having perfect clarity about that next physician career for which you have the greatest passion, and about which you can communicate with your Declaration of Intent (access for Program members only).

I believe the most effective skill to have in your toolbox for your physician career change is the ability to master the art of Networking.

You may shudder to hear me say this, especially if you feel you are an introvert (by the way, this is an excellent best-seller book to help you gain insight into your introversion, and here is a recent article!). Nevertheless, this is the most important skill that you can acquire.

And here’s the reason why.

The role of networking in physician career change

I’ve said this in many different places – the kinds of jobs or careers that you are most likely seeking as part of your transition out of full-time circle medicine are seldom posted on the job boards. If they are, by the time you submit your resume and cover letter, some internal or external candidates will have been identified for further interviews … And this will have happened because of those folks will have positioned themselves for early identification through their networking efforts.

Your success will hinge on your ability to be identified, through the quality of your networking and relationship-building, as a potential candidate long before HR posts the position!

In a nutshell, excellent networking starts and ends with a mindset that is focused on giving rather than taking. Instead of approaching a relationship or a networking situation with the idea of “what help can I get from this meeting?”, What if you were to shift to “how can I be of service for this person, or in the situation today”?

My in-depth lesson in the Physician’s Odyssey Program on networking provides much greater detail for how to do this with grace and style… And guess what? This is where introverts shine!

So go ahead … reach out and touch someone, authentically, today. Who knows what the payoff will be!

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