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Dear Physician-in-Transition,

You’re accomplished – you made it through medical school and residency. You’ve been in practice for some time. And you are good at it. You know how to get things done. You’ve proven to yourself and others you can succeed as a clinician.

But something no longer feels right about your “doctoring” career … correct?

And yet this physician career change thing feels overwhelming … correct again?

If this sounds true, it’s time to laser-focus your energy and desire for change and convert them into a real-life PLAN OF ACTION!!

That’s where the Physician’s Odyssey Program comes in …

What is The Physician’s Odyssey Program?

It’s a self-paced Home Study Program that takes you by the hand and walks you along the unfamiliar road to career transition — while keeping you sane AND productive!

By working steadily through this Home Study Program at your own pace, you discover how to leverage your passions and skills, to uncover your unique way of serving the world.

In addition, the program gives you …

  1. Ways to get clear about which next career is a great fit for your passions
  2. A solid understanding of your transferable skills and how to articulate them persuasively to others, verbally and in writing
  3. The tools and resources you need in order to secure the job offer you are longing for.

This program enables you to move from stuck, unhappy clinician to non-clinical physician, with the new career that best matches your passions and needs.

How to master your Physician Career Transition in 12 straightforward lessons …

Once you have actively tackled the Home Study Program, you will:

  • Understand what motivates you and how to hone in on a better-fitting career or job
  • Understand the job search process
  • Have a strategic job search plan.
  • Create a resume and cover letters that focus on your Professional Objective.
  • Know how to navigate the job boards and tap into the “unadvertised” job market.
  • Develop powerful networking and interviewing skills that you can always rely upon
  • Understand the hiring process.
  • Develop the essential interviewing techniques and skills that lead to job offers.
  • Learn how to cultivate job offers and negotiate competitive salaries

If this message speaks to you, then read on to get the program details below.

Remember … there is a next preferred career waiting for you!

With warmest wishes,philippa-kennealy


Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC PCC, The Entrepreneurial MD

PS: Remember what you wanted from your life and why you went into medicine long ago. That was a Vision. Once again, you can create and fulfill a new Vision …  and escape the fear, “analysis paralysis” and procrastination that affects most of us when we try to embark on change.

PPS: If you’re seriously exploring a career transition, this is your unique chance. There is no other program like this at present. It’s not every day that a physician, who has undergone her own career transition (several times!!) AND helped many other physicians do the same, offers an affordable “do-it-yourself” Home Study program.

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Rather than just go on and on with one of those endless sale pages full of yellow highlights and red underlines, let me just cut to the chase and give you the details. I’ve also tried to answer your questions.

You’ll access The Physicians Odyssey 12-lesson Home Study Course via a weekly email to your inbox. The first lesson will be sent you via an email link almost  immediately upon purchase. All you need to get set up, after you’ve purchased the program, is to sign into a simple private account with your new password.



Lesson 1:

Get clear about your Vision of the career and life you want

  • Create a career vision (What do I want?)
  • Core Values (What matters deeply to me?)
  • What are my Interests?
  • What are my Priorities in life?

Lesson 2:

Craft your foundational tool – a Professional Objective

  • Determine your Personal Drivers
  • Consider who your “Target Market” needs to be
  • Create your Professional Objective
  • Decide what you really want next.

Lesson 3:

Pinpoint your capabilities and “Transferable Skills”

  • Differentiate between Skills and Competencies
  • Dissect what many skills the Competency of Doctoring comprises
  • Translate those skills into the language of the business and non-clinical world

Lesson 4:

Research opportunities for your Marketplace Map

  • Engage in intense research to determine what your Target Market really is, based on your Professional Objective
  • Identify the organizational culture that best suits you
  • Organize your research findings

Lesson 5:

Generate your Marketplace Map

  • Summarize your Professional Objective
  • Capture your Competencies and Transferable Skills
  • Detail your Target Market preferences
  • List the organizations/companies you’d like to target first

Lesson 6:

Create your first verbal communication tool – Declare your intent

  • Expand on your Professional Objective by creating a Declaration of Intent
  • Practice introducing yourself with your new, more comfortable script

Lesson 7:

Create your second verbal communication tool – have your Elevator Speech ready

  • Articulate who you are, what makes you unique and what benefits you can provide
  • Craft a pithy memorable Elevator Speech
  • Make a Call to Action

Lesson 8:

Create your first written communication tool – Perfect your Resume

  • Differentiate between a resume and a CV
  • Tell the most persuasive story
  • Format the chronological resume with style
  • Know the “do’s and don’ts” of an excellent resume

Lesson 9:

Create your second written communication tool – Write your Cover Letters

  • Immediately grab the reader’s attention
  • Use a “hook” to keep them reading and engaged
  • Show them you’ve done your homework

Lesson 10:

Master the art of productive Networking

  • It’s all about relationships
  • And it focuses on “give, give give”
  • Uncover the secret metric for successful networking … it’s not what you think!

Lesson 11:

Interview your way to success

  • How to be prepared
  • Your first 90 seconds!
  • The real secret of success
  • Wrapping it up

Lesson 12:

Negotiate your desired Employment Package

  • Keep proving your worth
  • Know your bottom line, and what matters most to you
  • Uncover the hidden Benefits in the package


How much is The Physician’s Odyssey Program?

You have a choice of a one-time payment of $397 for the 12-Lesson Home Study Course …

Or you have the option of 3 payments as follows: $147 upon registration, and then $147 paid two more times, on the 30th and 60th days after your first payment.

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Questions about The Physician’s Odyssey Program:

What does the program include?

  • 12 lessons overall, each delivered to you a week apart, that you access via an email link to your own private membership page
  • each lesson has audio tracks, a transcript of the spoken words, a workbook and extra relevant resources when indicated
  • the opportunity to schedule online a 60-minute one-on-one phone coaching meeting with me if and when you’re stuck, or needing extra help … or inspiration (these phone meetings are not included in the program price)

What if I’m not quite ready to make the transition now?

Since this is a Home Study Program, you’ll always have access to the tools and materials to visit and revisit any time. The better your self-reflection and self-education are early on, the more well-equipped and prepared you will be when your time comes.

What if I have more questions and I don’t feel like this page has given me enough information?

You are always welcome to contact me, Philippa Kennealy, and we can set up a time to talk briefly by phone. I want you to feel satisfied that this is a good investment of your time and money.

What if I discover the program is not for me?

I am prepared to stand behind my promise of delivering the best program to you. If you inform me by my Contact Page or by e-mail (, after receiving the FIRST TWO MODULES and BEFORE THE END OF THE SECOND WEEK, that you don’t think this program is going to work for you, I will refund every penny of your money! No questions are asked.
This gives you a RISK-FREE OPPORTUNITY to try it out.

I’ve never done a home study course like this before. How does it work?

This Home Study Program contains weekly audio recordings, along with transcripts of my words, all the workbooks and relevant reference materials. So as not to overwhelm you with all the material at once, I have elected to deliver this to you weekly in a user-friendly format, thereby allowing you to pace yourself.

What if I am in a rush and want to complete the program in less than 12 weeks?

If this is your preference, please feel free to contact me, Philippa Kennealy, and I will make arrangements for you to receive the full program at once, for the one-time price.

What if I want additional one-on-one coaching time to review and refine my tools and/or my job-searching process?

Some of this work is hard … and unclear or confusing. Especially if this is the first time you have really sat down and thought about it. Along the way, you will be offered the opportunity to add on as many 60-minute phone coaching sessions as you feel necessary to help you achieve your goals (this can be as little as one meeting!). These are very focused phone conversations that accomplish one specific goal at a time. We can work together very fruitfully on helping you accomplish specific steps to your desired transition.

For example, you  might want help with creating your resume. This would typically involve sending whatever you have to me in advance of our call (an email will remind you to do that). On the call, we would talk about how to write your concise, accomplishment-driven resume so that it tells your story in a way that piques the interest of the hiring organization. This may take one or more hours — together, we would make that decision.

Why don’t I just sign up for one-on-one coaching with you instead?

You certainly can! Just contact me here.

However, not everyone is ready for that kind of commitment and expense. Using the program, you can work at your own pace, select a few focused one-on-one coaching meetings as you need them (or not!) … and put the money you’ve saved with your guided self-coaching into that rainy day account to fund some time off for the serious reflection a significant transition calls for!

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