Putting tech to work for that new physician career or job

ifttt_logo1-28-15This article is dedicated to my most techie-minded physician career searchers … here are a couple of neat tools to help you conduct and manage your search.

Top of my list is LinkedIn. If you don’t already have a well-crafted LinkedIn profile, here is a great book resource to help you make that leap.

LinkedIn is more than just a site to host your online resume. Think of it as a place to showcase your passions, interests and even skills. Use the “Share an update” field to add value. Share useful articles. Share your blog posts if you have a blog. Share resources. Let your audience of connections get to know you as a generous and thoughtful contributor.

And then learn how to reach out to valued connections (this is the art of really effective online networking … all at your fingertips … no guard dog executive assistants between you and potential employers or introductions!)

The other tool is a really cool one that I am learning to take advantage of – IFTT (or If This Then That).

The basic idea is that you can use a trigger in one app or program to make an action take place in another. This is called a “recipe”. So, as an example, one IFTT recipe I have set up on my phone says something like: If it is 10:00 PM on weekdays, then make the phone ringer silent. A second one I then use is “If it is 7:00 AM on weekdays, then activate the phone ringer.” And for weekends, I have my ringer turn on at 8:30 AM instead. The IFTT recipe is using my phone’s clock, my phone’s sound system, and my phone’s calendar to make all of this happen.

As you may imagine, there are some incredibly fun recipes to dream up. But back to your physician career search or job change, this list of IFTT recipes for job seekers will hopefully cause my techie readers to salivate at the potential productivity IFTT could generate, while you try to keep your current miserable job going!

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